Snowed In

We’ve gotten a nice big blizzard today, keeping us from going to work, reaching our cars, or even taking the dog on a walk longer than three minutes. We’re trapped in our little condo — and I am so thrilled.

As much as I love the warm comfort of being inside on a rainy day, snowy days are something else. I have an excuse to stay where I am, to fill up my notebook or plow through a novel, to work on my knitting or just sit on the couch with the dog curled up next to me. Even when I do venture out with the dog for a moment, I’m wrapped up in coat and snow pants. I’m insulated, and comfortable, and even if the power does kick out at some time  this is probably the most relaxing day I’ll have all month.

There’s a neighborhood back there, I swear.


Are you snowed in? What do you do on a blizzarding day?

Writing Problems: The Weather

The weather can have a big effect on my writing, not just on an inspiration or an energy level, but on how much I actually produce. When it’s warm out, and the sun is shining, you start to feel a little odd about sitting inside for several hours, pounding at the keyboard. This is especially true when I look out my window and see everyone else in my building going to their cars for a drive, or going out for a walk… basically, basking in a beautiful day while I curl up in the shadows like some sort of goblin, feeling so antsy that I never actually enough work done.

Then there are “bad” weather days, when the sky is gray and it’s raining or snowing — who would go out in that? No one, not if you didn’t have to. So I can sit at my desk, imagining characters and snapping out reviews, pounding out a blog post or scribbling in a notebook, and somehow hit all my writing goals for the day by noon. So everyone can lament the gross days — and trust me, I flinch when I realize I have to go slosh through the parking lot and brush off my car — but boy I love them.