Review Recap: Gandhi Manga and Sailor V

I somehow managed to get two reviews done for Suite 101 last week! Though only one was actually a review copy I received…

First up was Gandhi: A Manga Biography by Kazuki Ebine. This book came from Penguin, who have also kindly sent me the manga biographies for the Dalai Lama and Che Guevara. The Gandhi bio was not as good, coming out dull.

Yesterday I decided to give a go at reviewing the Sailor V manga from Kodansha. It came out much longer than I meant it to, and I’m still not entirely sure if I was able to be clear about how I felt about it. I’m reading Sailor Moon now, and will likely have a review up for that.

I’m reading through Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan volume 4 for a Fandom Post review, and then maybe a review of the Pokemon Black and White manga so I can catch up on that work. After that, I’m not sure; possibly random volumes of Bamboo Blade.