Vacation Reading List: Dragons, Magazines, Audios

I’m on my way to Orlando for my Disney trip tomorrow, but before I get there I have to sit through a 3-hour flight. Plus, Disney World closes, so I’ll have to entertain myself at night, too. I’m leaving behind some of my chunkier reading materials (sorry, Walt Disney biography, I was never going to finish you in time) but I’ve got to pack something.

  • I’m bringing my Nook, which lets me bring a few books: A Dance With Dragons, Boy, Snow, Bird, and Salt right now, plus I’ll be able to download new books while I’m down there if I decide I need something different. Super handy.
  • I can’t just leave all paper behind, so I’m also toting along Extras by Scott Westerfeld. I’ve never gotten around to reading that book in the series, so it would be nice to at least start finishing that off.
  • I’m also packing a couple issues of Mental Floss, my favorite magazine, since I’ve discovered that magazines work well with me for travel.
  • I haven’t picked out the exact one yet, but I’ll also be downloading an audio book into my phone, so I’ll have something to listen to when I want to rest my eyes. Maybe a shorter children’s book, or something amusing that I’ve heard before, like Bossypants or a David Sedaris book.

On top of reading materials, I’ll also have my knitting, and the notebook I’m using for my current work-in-progress. Plus my husband’s bringing along the DS, so there’s always video games.

What books did you pack on your last vacation?


Book Thoughts: New Finds

  • Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen Audio BookI’ve recently started listening to audio books, mostly while I putz around the house. I was never sure if I’d enjoy doing this, but since I discovered that I concentrate better on cleaning and any other chore that doesn’t use a certain part of my brain, I figured I’d give listening to stories a shot. And it works — my house is often much cleaner than it used to be, since I want to keep listening but need to find something to do with my hands. It works for longer car rides, too. Right now I’ve just been listening to young adult (Sarah Dessen) and funny stuff (Tina Fey) so it’s not as crucial for my concentration to be quite as full.
  • Also, obviously, I’ve been reading (listening) a lot of Sarah Dessen. I never thought I’d like her, but her stories are sweet and tough some inner teenager part of myself. Then I discovered that a bunch of her books have overlapping characters, and now I’m kind of hooked.
  • My grandmother went to Prince Edward Island a few months ago and of course read all the Anne of Green Gables books. I mentioned that I read the first one and would get to the rest eventually. She logically interpreted this as I wanted to borrow each one from her at exactly the same time, so now I have them all in a sack, on the floor, because where the heck are 9 books going to go?
  • There is a great amount of relief in recommending a book to someone wholeheartedly and having them enjoy it as well. Takes away the potential embarrassment of you flailing around and thrusting a book in their face, half-shouting “It’s good! It’s so good!!” when they also have an emotional response. This happened recently with my frantic praise of The Fault in Our Stars. (Which, have you read that yet? You should. Go read it. Go!)