Movies My Daughter Has Watched: Quick Review

Here are some movies my daughter has been obsessed with.

Secret Life of Pets. Cute jokes about pets, but by the 500th viewing you start to realize that the plot makes little sense and you can’t understand how the characters move around. What is the rabbit’s actual goal? How did that guinea pig stuck in the vents make it into a different building? Why didn’t Katie properly introduce two strange dogs before leaving them alone together for what has to be the longest workday I’ve ever seen? According to my toddler, though, this movie has everything: it has dogs, it’s got, well…more dogs. She is in. To. It.

Trolls. I’m going to admit — I enjoyed this. I liked the songs, I liked that everything looks like it’s made out of felt, I even liked the crazy story. It was just fun. There’s been no big demand from miss baby, though, so we haven’t rewatched yet.

Image result for trolls on netflix

Mary and the Witch’s Flower. Baby’s first anime! I wanted to watch it, and I put it on thinking she’d ignore it. Instead she pointed excitedly at the screen whenever a cat or some other animal showed up, and in between seemed like she was actually watching the movie. Mama’s little girl is an anime fan; guess the apple really doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

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Moana. Songs: check. Beautiful water: check. Adorable pig: double check. My daughter claps when the end title slams on the screen, as if in appreciation, and she’s made a enough lilting sounds during the musical numbers to convince me she’s trying to sing.

Anime Boston – My Manga Haul

Anime Boston finished, and I had quite a bit of fun. I didn’t get to go to every panel I wanted, and I stopped in some I didn’t think I was going to see. I ended the convention with my normal feeling that, even though I did quite a bit, I didn’t really do enough.

But that’s not what this post is about. It’s about the manga I bought.

I’ve brought in some huge hauls from Anime Boston before, but considering how much I have to spend money on now (school, car, wedding, um, food) I didn’t get quite so much as that. But I think my buys were pretty good:

Pretty decent, I’d say. I could have caught up on series like Hoshin Engi and Rurouni Kenshin as well, but I couldn’t quite see how to fit it all into my budget. Aside from manga I only bought one anime, the Blu-ray of Summer Wars (got a free T-shirt with that one) and one figure, a tiny model of Going Merry from One Piece. (Yes, I bought a figurine of a ship.)

What do you think – did I do good? Was there anything you would have caught up on instead? Or, what else do you buy at conventions, if you go?

What to Do at Anime Boston

This year marks Anime Boston‘s ninth year, and also the ninth year I’ve been going to anime conventions.While I’m not trembling with excitement like I once was, I’m still glad to be going back.

In past years I’ve flipped my head over voice actor panels and autographs, but I’m not as excited with those things anymore (I can only listen to Greg Ayres talk about how he became a voice actor so many times, really). But there are only a couple of industry panels, and neither of them are for manga companies. So, what am I supposed to do? I’ve been perusing the schedule, and I think I’ve mapped out a few things I want to at least poke my head in on. Read More »

Weekend Links – Slim Pickin’s

I didn’t do too much on the Internet this week, but a couple of interesting things popped up.

This past week was Beverly Cleary’s 95th birthday. Children’s Book-A-Day Almanac celebrated by taking a look at Henry Huggins. I’ve never read that one myself, but I’ve read a few of the Ramona Quimby books, and of course Mouse and the Motorcycle.

Cute Overload features a real hero – a firefighter giving oxygen to a kitten.

And Oh My Gosh Guys, Anime Boston is in one week. The schedule is up and everything, so I ca prepare to get my nerd on.

Because I did a poor job with relevant links this week, I’ll bring it up again: if there’s anything you even kind of think I might find interesting on the Internet, feel free to let me know! Post it here, or on my Facebook page, and I will be so happy.

New Reviews – Garden Sky, Alice in Wonderland, Pink Innocent & Megatokyo

Egads, I’ve fallen behind with this. It’s been a crazy, awful week, so I just kept forgetting to post new reviews. Even with two weeks, there hasn’t been too much added up.

Alice in Wonderland Campfire Graphic Novel

For Suite101, I posted a review for Garden Sky from Digital Manga and Alice in Wonderland from Campfire. To my surprise, Garden Sky was awarded my first ever Editor’s Choice award! Doesn’t do a whole lot for the PVs, but is wondrous for the ego.

Two reviews were posted on Mania: Pink Innocent Vol. 2 and Megatokyo Vol. 6. I think both turned out well. Now I need to finish a review for a manhwa for Mania, but hopefully that will be sent out for tomorrow.

Megatokyo Vol. 6

I work a few less work hours next week, so I hope to get more than a couple reviews done. On top of that, I definitely have to get edits for Speaksong underway and finish imputing some edits to Becky. I’ll have to send my work into Lesley in a couple months, and I’m just so, so nervous that what I send in will somehow not be good enough.

New Anime Review! :: More Blog Title Ideas

Shiki Episode 3
Suite 101 Review for Shiki Episode 3

I put up a review of episode 3 of the anime Shiki. Gosh, this show is boring. I keep hoping that it will get more exciting, but it’s not happening. I’ll probably watch up to episode 5, either because I’m optimistic or because I like torturing myself for some reason.

A new comic came in from DC today, and Digital Manga put up a bunch of new review material on eManga, so I’ll have plenty of things to read/write about this week. ‘Cept I’m working every day, so we’ll see how much gets done.

I’ve thought of a few more blog name ideas for my Reader blog, and will now shove them in your face: Babbling Bookworm, Besotted Bookworm, The Besotted Bibliophile. (I enjoy alliteration.) I looked on Amazon for books on reading, for inspiration, and wound up putting 4 more books on my Wishlist. Sigh.

I might have another writing thing set up. Not 100% positive yet. I’ll let you all (what, 5 of you?) know when I find out.