Moments in Editing: That Weird Period

Dog Relaxing
If only we could all find it so easy to take a break…

That weird period, when you have just managed to finish a big overhaul in your story…

And now there’s a kind of break required to let things gel so you can go back with fresh eyes, with more inclination to snip or stretch or remold than keep it all the same, because what you just did was so hard and you don’t want to do it again…

But you also don’t know what to do while you wait to go back, so you keep staring at your computer, thinking there’s got to be something productive in your life…

Or at least you can catch up on those Netflix shows…

You can’t even think of a blog post to write to pass the time…

And then it’s noon, and you wonder where that morning vanished to, and you just want to have a big problem to tackle again.

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